• Matcha Milk Tea

    Boba not included.

  • Horchata Matcha

    Boba not included.

  • Strawberry Matcha Dalgona

    Fresh strawberry milk, topped with our Matcha Cloud to create the perfect strawberry matcha latte.


What is Matcha?


Matcha is a Japanese word – “ma” meaning rubbed or ground and “cha” meaning tea. Generally when you hear the word matcha, you think of ground green tea leaves as matcha is most commonly associated with. Despite the green tea association, matcha at its root means “ground tea”.


What is the difference between Blue and Green Matcha?


Regular Matcha (green), comes from a tea plant, called camilia sinsnus. The material exclusively used for making matcha is a green tea leaf called tencha. It contains caffeine.


Blue Matcha is actually made from blue butterfly pea flowers. The flowers are dried and ground into a fine blue powder. It’s also caffeine-free.


Although they are made from different plants, the process of making blue Matcha is very similar to how regular Matcha is made.


Taste difference


Blue Matcha tastes mild, light, earthy and floral.


Green Matcha has a strong green tea taste, deeper, grassy with a touch of natural sweetness.


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