• Pumpkin Pie Slush

    This smoothie is velvety smooth and combines the best fall flavors all in one to give you a slice of pumpkin pie in a cup!

  • Javacado

    Tastes like a melted avocado creamsicle, topped with cold brew. Each drink contains a freshly blended avocado.

  • Mocha Coffee Frappe

    Blended Mocha Coffee Frappe with egg custard, crushed oreos and coffee jelly.

  • Coconut Affogato

    [Dairy-Free & Vegan] Blended with shredded coconut and our homemade Coconut Condensed Milk for a rich and creamy taste, topped with cold brew.

  • LycheeBerry

    Blended Lychee & Berries and topped with Lychee Fruit and Strawberries! *Caffeine-Free

  • Coco Taro Slush

    Blended Coconut and Taro topped with Flan and Taro Custards! *Caffeine-Free

  • Classic Thai Tea Slush

    Topped off with sea salt cream.

  • Green Thai Tea Slush

    Topped off with sea salt cream.



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